Trucking Lingo

  • 49CFR – 49th section of the Code of Federal Regulations
    These are the laws that are written. These parts are specific to the trucking industry. Parts 40 and 300-399.
  • BOC-3 – Bureau of Compliance Form #3
    Blanket process agent form with a list of receiving agents should a legal dispute arise.
  • DOT – Department of Transportation, also known as USDOT
    Government agency that regulates safety.
  • EIN – Employer Identification Number. Also known as Tax ID, or Fed EIN.
    This number is assigned to your business by the IRS and is used when filing taxes. Uses it to differentiate your business activity from personal income activity
  • FF – Freight Forwarder
    Freight forwarders arrange transportation of goods by FMCSA-licensed carriers. Freight forwarders issue bills of lading to shippers and are responsible for the loss of or damage to the goods.
  • FMCSA – Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
    The government agency that regulates the entire surface transporation industry including rail.
  • GVW – Gross Vehicle Weight
    Maximum weight a truck can weigh. Tractor + Trailer + Load = GVW
  • HAZMAT – Hazardous Materials
  • ICC – Interstate Commerce Commission (which is now the FMCSA, often used interchangably)
  • IVMR – Individual Vehicle Mileage Record (aka Trip Sheet)
    A form that is used to record miles per state and gallons of fuel purchased per state in order to complete the quarterly IFTA return
  • IFTA – International Fuel Tax Agreement
    Required for trucks over 26,000 pounds. Obtain license and decals from your base state. Quarterly tax report must be filed with information from the IVMRs.
  • KYU – This is the Kentucky Weight and Distance account number. -Usually 6 digits.
    Required for trucks weighing over 59,999 pounds. Quarterly mileage tax returns must be filed from the information on the Trip Sheets (IVMR).
  • MC Number – Motor Carrier number
    Required for for-hire carriers/brokers traveling interstate, property & passengers
  • MCS-150 – Motor Carrier Safety Form #150
    Form to update your USDOT number every two (2) years
  • MX – Mexican Carrier
  • NY HUT – New York Highway Use Tax
    Required for trucks weighing over 17,999 pounds. Quarterly mileage tax returns must be filed from the information on the Trip Sheets (IVMR).
  • OP-1 – Operations Form #1
    Application to obtain your Motor Carrier (MC#). The MC numbers are scheduled to disappear on January 14, 2017. The USDOT # will be the sole identifier.
  • SCAC – Standard Carrier Alpha Code
    An accounting alpha code used in some operations. No need to apply for one unless you are asked for it.
  • TX DMV – Texas Department of Motor Vehicles
    Regulatory agency that governs intrastate operations within the State of Texas
  • TX DOT – Texas Department of Transportation (which is now the TX DMV for Intrastate Authority)
  • UCR – Unified Carrier Registration
    Formerly called Single State Registration (SSR). Now it is the UCR which is where you file your Certificate/Permit/License on a state level.
  • URS – Unified Registration System
    The newest system to obtain authority to operate interstate. Replaced the old OP-1 and MCS-150 combo. Scheduled to go into full swing of operation in 2017
  • VIN – Vehicle Identification Number
    This is a 17 digit alpha numeric code assigned to your vehicle. They are ALL unique and can usually be found on the dash of your vehicle.