Premium Package

PREMIUM Package (on SALE now) $ 625
  • Promotion Price: $625 (save $25)
  • Employer Identification Numbers (EIN)
  • LLC Business Registration
  • USDOT Number
  • Motor Carrier (MC) Authority
  • BOC 3 Process Agents
  • UCR
  • IRS 2290 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax
  • IRP
  • IFTA Permits for your Base State plus:
    1. NY HUT – New York Highway Use Tax
    2. KY KYU – Kentucky Use Tax
    3. New Mexico Weight Distance Tax
    4. Oregon Weight-Mile Tax
  • 2 FREE months of service at Trip Sheet Central
  • FREE MCS-150 Biennial Updates every 2 years
  • Safety Compliance Kit/Management

Premium is for the entrepreneur starting out fresh.

We ensure you obtain a separate Fed EIN for your new business, register the business with your State as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and set your business up with the proper IRS Tax Classification

Premium offers peace of mind. We understand that starting out for many new businesses can be very stressful. TSC Authority helps you balance the big picture by taking the process out of your way

This package provides everything required to do business as a truck fleet owner or broker (depending on the type of MC Authority)

The package ensures you have your IFTA stickers, CAB Card, USDOT, MC, UCR, and State permits.

With Premium you are ready to roll in as little as 2 – 4 weeks!

Expenses for Premium Package

  • $ 625 paid to TSC Authority (IFTA Permits included)
  • $ 40 to $ 300 paid to your Secretary of State office for Limited Liability Company (LLC) business registration
  • $ 300 paid to FMCSA for USDOT and MC Number
  • $ 30 paid to BOC 3 Process issuing agency
  • $ 76 paid to UCR (per truck, or per broker)
  • $ 550 per truck paid to IRS for Form 2290 Heavy Vehicle Tax (paid once a year in August)

Example Expenses for New Owner Operator in Texas

Expense Item Pay Amount
Professional Services TSC Authority 625
USDOT/MC Numbers FMCSA 300
BOC3 Process Filing BOC3 Agency 30
UCR – Unified Carrier Registration UCR Government Agency1 76
Limited Liabilty Company (LLC) Secretary of State 300
General Liability ($1,000,000) + Cargo Insurance ($100,000) Your Insurance Agent 2500
Form 2290 Heavy Duty Tax IRS or Tax Agency 550
Total Expenses 4,381

You may have paid some of these already, e.g. 2290 Heavy Vehicle tax when you purchased your truck

Some Insurance companies require a down-payment for the General Liability, and Cargo Liability coverage policies